Paris: Skip-the-line Louvre Ticket with Host for Mona Lisa

USD 50



Dive straight into the world of art and history at the Louvre Museum, and make the most of your time in the City of Light. With this skip-the-line access, you'll zip past the crowds and head straight to the enigmatic smile of Leonardo da Vinci's iconic Mona Lisa. Then, take your time to wander through the museum's impressive collections at your own leisure, unencumbered by the hassle of long queues.

Step into the majestic world of art and history at the Louvre Museum, a former royal residence that has been mesmerizing visitors since 1793. Situated in the heart of the City of Light, this iconic museum sprawls over an impressive 73,000 square meters, boasting an unparalleled collection of artistic treasures that span over 7,000 years of human civilization, from ancient civilizations to the 19th century. As you explore the vast halls, you'll discover an astonishing eight departments, each dedicated to a different era or style: Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; Oriental Antiquities; Islamic Art; Paintings; Sculptures; and Graphic Arts. Once you arrive, take a moment to marvel at Leonardo da Vinci's sublime masterpiece, the enigmatic portrait of a woman that has captivated art lovers for centuries. Your host will ensure that you can soak up the artistic splendor at your own leisurely pace, allowing you to absorb the beauty and history that surrounds you.