Versailles: Palace of Versailles Timed Entry Ticket

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Step into the majestic world of 17th-century French politics and uncover the epicenter of power that shaped the country's destiny before the French Revolution. Be awestruck by the stunning palace architecture and immerse yourself in the opulent decor that echoes the extravagant taste of the "Sun King" in the mesmerizing Hall of Mirrors. Take a leisurely stroll through the serene palace gardens, and let the grandeur of a bygone era unfold before your eyes.

Step into the majestic world of French royalty at the Palace of Versailles, the epicenter of power from 1682 to 1789. This former royal residence is a treasure trove of ornate State Apartments, dazzling Hall of Mirrors, and breathtaking gardens. Just a 30-minute train ride from central Paris, Versailles was once a humble village. However, in 1623, Louis XIII's vision for a hunting lodge marked the beginning of a transformation. By the end of the century, the town and castle had become the embodiment of the absolute monarchy of the Ancien Régime. In 1682, Louis XIV relocated the royal family to the palace, prompting an ambitious expansion project. Two massive new wings were added between 1678 and 1715. Your ticket grants you access to the exquisite State Apartments, designed by the renowned architect Le Vau. Imagine yourself amidst the opulence of the French court as you stroll through the glittering Hall of Mirrors. Take a journey through time and learn about the prominent figures of the French monarchy, right up to the French Revolution in 1789, when the royal family was forced to return to Paris. Afterward, saunter through the legendary gardens at your leisure, marveling at the majestic fountains, sculptures, and immaculately manicured lawns. Please be aware that visiting the Palace of Versailles during peak season can result in wait times exceeding two hours, even with a pre-booked ticket. To avoid the crowds, consider arriving early in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. If you wish to experience the Fountains and Musical Gardens show, you will need to purchase a full-access ticket or a dedicated ticket for this specific event.